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Infinium Insights

Denise Redding has over 30 years’ experience in accounting and auditing which includes DCAA audit. Since-founding Infinium Insights she has concentrated on helping construction, government and DOD contractors update their accounting, job cost, and estimating systems to produce more accurate and timely accounting information while complying with government regulations per the FAR and DFAR. Her current focus is to implement scalable accounting and job cost infrastructures that can handle a company’s rapid growth. Her accounting systems have been audited by DCAA and all have passed successfully. Her current focus is also to establish acceptable bases and pools for clients to improve their accounting systems, allowing them to be more accurate on current contracts and to be more competitive when submitting proposals for new contracts.

Previous projects include designing and implementing accounting/job cost systems from the ground up that can grow with the company. Redesigning current accounting systems to establish more competitive bases and pools (most recent redesign was audited and approved by DCAA). Establishing/updating policies and procedures to comply with DCAA internal control requirements.